Unleash your strength and flexibility

The perfect blend of yoga and Pilates.

Flex Fusion is a unique fitness studio that combines the benefits of yoga and Pilates into one complete workout.

Our classes are designed to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing, helping you build strength, flexibility, and balance.

We believe that fitness should be fun, challenging, and accessible to everyone, which is why we offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for all levels.

Come join us for a class and discover how Flex Fusion can help you achieve your fitness goals.

This class combines the best of yoga and Pilates to create a total body workout that will leave you feeling energized and refreshed. You'll start with a dynamic flow to warm up your muscles and increase your heart rate, then move into Pilates-inspired exercises to tone and strengthen your core, arms, and legs. Finally, you'll end with a relaxing cool down and meditation to leave you feeling balanced and centered.

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours
  • Address: Manhattan, New York, NY, USA (Map)


Flexibility and strength training for the ultimate mind-body experience.
  • Manhattan, New York, NY, United States